The patience rights in Texas

Everybody should benefit from patience rights; has a right to live whether ill or well these rights must be adhered to the letter. In fact in some states in the US like Texas these rights are stipulated in the constitution. Just because you are not feeling well does not mean that you have no rights. You still are protected by the law and your decisions have to be respected by everyone including the doctors and nurses looking over you. So here are some of the patients’ rights as stipulated by the constitution under chapter 576, the rights of patients.

Right to be respectfully and considerately cared for at all times.

Irrespective of the hospital you are in and your condition, as a patient the care givers must respect your wishes and refrain from harassment and abuse when caring for you. Remember a patient can soil himself but the caregiver should not disrespect the patient in any given

Right to personal & informational privacy

Within this law the patient can refuse to talk to anyone who is not directly connected to the hospital or his caregivers. The patient should expect that all the tests conducted on him are done privately and the results can only be disclosed to him and no one else. In fact the doctor is sworn to secrecy and can never divulge information about your condition to anyone even a specialist who can help you without your consent. Under this law the patient has a right to access his medical records at any given point.

Right to accept/refuse any medication offered to him

If you feel like the medication is not working or even worsening your situation, you have a right to refuse medication and demand the doctors to give you another form of treatment. The doctor should tell you the risks of the treatment he is using on you and let you decide if
you are ready for the treatment or not. The patient should take part in planning his/her treatment program and allowed to decide if he/she can take part in any experimental treatment. If there is an alternative treatment which can help cure your ailment, the doctor must inform you and even refer you to the right professional according to patience rights.

Right to be treated in any hospital

In Texas everyone can be treated in any hospital of his choice, so the doctor does not have a right to select the patients he/she wants to help at any given day. The patient can choose which facility he/she wants to be taken for treatment, even if it’s not the nearest hospital to his home and the nearest doctor cannot treat him forcefully.

Be informed of all the charges and services offered

As much as you are using your medical cover while in the hospital, the hospital should inform you of the services the cover can pay for and up to how much plus all the services they offered you. If it’s not covered the hospital should inform you before doing the treatment and let you decide if they should continue or not. IF that would be the case; you need to contact your health care lawyer.

Not to be transferred or discharged against his will

Unless, the bills are not paid in time, or the patient is unconscious (in this case the next of kin is informed), the patient cannot be transferred without his consent. If the services cannot be offered in the current hospital the patient must be informed and the right preparations done with the other hospital before the transfer is done. This way the patient won’t be left stranded in the other hospital.

Right to inform a family member when you are being discharged

Once you are well and on your feet, the hospital must inform one of your closest family member that they are discharging you and wait until he/she arrive before discharging you. This way they will be guaranteed that the person taking care of you at home knows what to do and all the medication prescribed to you by the doctor.

Right to submit a complaint

You have a right to submit any complaint against any care giver to the hospital if mistreated. Remember your care will not be affected just because you filed a complaint, in fact it should improve. The complaint submitting process should be private and handled with the needed

As a patient in Texas your rights are protected and at no given point should you allow your care giver to mistreat you. If you do not understand English then an interpreter will be provided who will make sure that you understand what is going on at every stage of your